We Come To You

We’ll come to you!  Businesses love this service.  Need a repair today?  Read more:

We can fix many problems at your location and many times it’s easier to just come to you anyway.  If you have a small business or you are a home user and need a repair ASAP, take advantage of an on-site tech.  We can come to your location and we can handle power supply replacements, virus/spyware infections, blue screens, software error messages, Internet/wireless problems, and especially printer issues.  Sometimes it’s just not possible to bring your computer to a shop. If you need the fastest service available, whatever the reason, call us today and schedule an on-site visit.

We make house calls everyday to homes and businesses with all kinds of computer problems.  Sure, we’ll repair your dead laptop or replace its screen, but we’re also experts in computer tech support.  We can help you operate your computer better, debug software problems, recommend and configure backup systems, diagnose and repair Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel problems, printer problems, screen problems, mouse/keyboard problems, internet/wireless/wifi connectivity issues, and just about anything else you can think of.

We also do networking for small businesses, which means we’ll setup your wired and wireless network, connect all computers and printers, configure backups and remote access, and ensure the network is reliable and secure.  Businesses all over the East Bay rely on us to keep their computers and networks running smoothly.  Everyone relies very heavily on computers nowadays so it’s never been more important to know that you can count on your Computer/IT Company.  Constant customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our philosophy.  We strive to provide the fairest and most valuable computer services.  We know what it takes to make your computer systems affordable, durable, and easy to use.  We provide complete data backup system configuration, setting up of new computers, remote access, virus defense, reliable internet and wireless setup, software installs and upgrades, and just about anything else your small business needs for reliable, secure computer use.  Email or call us today.

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